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Leasing & Property Management

Gatti Enterprises offers high quality and cost effective in-house property management services for our commercial and retail properties.

Professional property management is critical to ensuring tenant satisfaction and retention. With extensive knowledge and experience, along with award winning customer service, Gatti Enterprises is committed to our tenants success!

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Gatti Enterprises offers premier commercial and retail leasing space in Rochester New York. With the expertise to develop build-to-suit facilities, Gatti Enterprises provides clients with multiple options to accommodate their location, size and budget needs. Our properties include office, retail, industrial and warehouse spaces.

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Property Administration

Gatti Enterprises maintains property files, including all leases, service contracts and vendor information. We administer all rules, regulations and restrictions necessary for efficient operation of each property and for the comfort and security of our tenants.

Gatti Enterprises prepares work specifications and secures competitive bid proposals for contracts/services such as security, landscape maintenance, trash removal, parking lot maintenance and other recurring contract work.

Gatti Enterprises operates and maintains building systems, interior spaces, and building exteriors for all of our commercial properties. We ensure safe, reliable and efficient functioning of all of our spaces, 24/7.

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